Eagle City Park

Eagle City Mining Company, Ltd. owns and operates Eagle City Park, a 35 acre privately owned recreational gold prospecting / small scale mining park located in the Coeur d'Alene National Forest at the old townsite of Eagle City in North Idaho AND GoldFever Mining Supply which designs, manufactures and markets the finest in recreational gold prospecting / small scale mining equipment & supplies.
Motor bikes and ATV’s are welcome as long as they are used to travel quietly from one site to another, hauling equipment to and from your work area or driving to and from the Park.Stay on established roads and trails within the park.

Pleasure riding shall be done in the national forest, not in the park.  Please, refrain from riding within the park after 9:00 PM or dark, which ever is first.  Remember that the Park is near residential sites. 

 Please use common sense while riding/driving in and out of the Park and near these homes.  We don’t want to be bad neighbors.  Ride as if it were your home you’re driving in front of.